Devotional Day

Devotional Day

On a day during the week that includes March 18, it is the duty of Chapter members to attend church or synagogue/temple as a group at which a special service has been arranged. The religious beliefs and creed of each DeMolay are his own, and he is encouraged to be a devout follower of its teachings. Observance of this day allows for an opportunity to publicly show our reverence for those personal beliefs.

Events on this day can include:

  • •Reading scripture.
  • •Playing the organ/piano.
  • •Singing a hymn.
  • •Purchasing altar flowers.
  • •Giving a flower to each lady present.
  • •Providing the refreshments for the social time following a religious service
  • •Assist in your local Sunday School class.
  • •Perform the Flower Talk at your local church service.
  • •Honor a local Clergy member for their service to the community.
  • •Donate a DeMolay Bible to each member’s family.


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