Educational Day

Educational Day

On Educational Day, a day convenient to the Chapter, it is the duty of each Chapter to arrange a program emphasizing the value of an education and the fact that we see the public schools as a bulwark of our liberty. The Junior and Senior Stewards may be assigned to make the plans for this day.Events on this day can include:

  • •Have each chapter member present a token of appreciation to a favorite teacher.•Present a Certificate of Appreciation to an outstanding teacher.
  • •Select a city/county wide “Teacher of the Year”.
  • •Have a member give a speech on supporting public education.
  • •Have an educator give a talk on becoming a teacher.
  • •Become teaching assistants for a day at a local day care center.
  • •Host a Dinner of appreciation for a outstanding teacher.
  • •Have chapter members research their future career goals together and present them to one another.
  • •Attend a local Career Day Seminar


Mar 01 2023


7:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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