My Government Day

My Government Day

Observed during the month of July, My Government Day is designed to explain the government of the country, state, province or community in which the Chapter is located. The Orator and the Marshal may oversee the plans.

Events on this day can include:

  • •Present a flag to the city, school, or library. Obtaining one that has flown over the local government building adds special meaning to the presentation.
  • •March in a Parade, using as many chapter members as possible.
  • •Visit your Capitol or City Hall.
  • •Hold the observance at a patriotic statue in a park.
  • •Honor your Mayor/Governor with a presentationor award.•Shadow your local public officials for a day.
  • •Obtain a proclamation declaring DeMolay Month/Day/Week.


Jul 01 2023 - Jul 30 2023


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