Who Can and Why?

Who can get involved?

Anyone can get involved, learn more and be as active with our youth as they want. Young men can join, and adults can be mentors and Advisors. There are even ways for young ladies to be involved.

An Advisor for DeMolay can be any adult (over the age of 21), male or female, parents, coaches, teachers, clergy, Senior DeMolays, and Masons. They just need to have an interest in working with young men and be willing to help them develop their character and leadership skills.

Who can join?

  • To be eligible to join DeMolay, three simple requirements need to be met by the applicant.
  • You are a young man between the ages of 12 and 21.
    (Squires are 8-11, and come pledge to join when they turn 12.)
  • You are of good moral character.
  • You believe in a supreme being (all religions welcome).

What makes DeMolay special?

DeMolay is a youth-led, adult-advised organization in which young men learn to plan, organize, and facilitate their own programs. Our young men come up with the ideas and we help them only as much as they need and want to make them happen. DeMolays take part in a wide range of activities, from athletic competitions to public speaking tournaments and community service events. All activities are guided by the interests of the local chapter.
   If you can dream it, you can do it in DeMolay.

Why join or support DeMolay?

DeMolay members interact with other young men who are dedicated to upholding the virtues and high moral standards of the Order. Young men are proven to act more upstanding when in the company of quality companions. Acting in an upstanding manner becomes a habit, demonstrating good character now and molding a mature way of thinking as he attains manhood.

Application for Membership– Download the form. Fill it out. Bring it by a Chapter event with the $50 membership fee.

Advisor Registration – Sign In to eScribe. Select registration > adult registration.