2018 Recap

Dale Chapman Chapter had a very busy year. The Chapter served on numerous degree teams and installation teams throughout our district (and around the state).

We initiated one new member in 2018. DeMolay can be any age from 12 – 20. Chapter statistics: 1 -12 yr old, 1 -14 yr old, 3 -15 yr olds, 3 -16 yr olds, 2 -17 yr-olds, 4 -18 yr olds, 4 -19 yr olds, and 7 -20 yr olds. Of these members, 10 are actively participating in most events, and the others come when they can.

Sion K. presided during the first half of 2018. During his term, the Chapter went to K1 Speed in Orlando and rode go-carts. We also went to Conclave (5 days in Jacksonville) where Connor G. was appointed District Deputy State Master Councilor for District 3. During Sion’s term, the Chapter focused on service to the Masonic fraternity, helping with mowing and workdays at St. Johns lodge and earning money by mowing the Shrine Club in Deland.

Xavier V. presided over the 2nd half of 2018. During his term, the Chapter went to Cotillion (in Orlando) where our officers served on the degree team, and several officers served in the honor guard. We have continued to help with mowing and workdays at St. Johns and the Shrine Club. We were proud to work with the Rainbow Girls at the Grand Master’s Official Visit, and we had a wonderful time manning the Bar-B-Que at the Golf tournament. In addition to Masonic service, we collected books and other items for the UM Children’s Home.

In 2018 long-time Advisors, Jen and Bryan Coffey made began looking for replacements so that they could move to Tennessee. Late in the year Sandra and Harvey King became Advisors and in October the Coffeys made their move and adult leadership transitioned.