Dale Chapman DeMolay 2024

Our chapter is active in our district and visits any lodge or independent body that invites us. We are willing and happy to serve our community and have answered the call to clean yards and help individual Masons/Eastern Star and community organizations with their projects.

Our members and advisors work throughout the year to pay for our charities and other program activities. Each year, our major service project/charity is donating a holiday dinner (Thanksgiving or Christmas) and a week’s worth of food to several needy families. Over the last couple of years, we have been blessed by growing support from our local lodges and chapters, and we have grown this effort.

We attend two state conferences each year. Conclave is our summer conference. It is a ‘working’ conference with classes, competitions, ceremonies, and meetings relating to the future of DeMolay in Florida. Our winter conference is popularly referred to as Escape to Florida. There, our members interact with youth from more than 25 US jurisdictions and other countries. The only formal activity of the winter conference is an Initiation. The rest of the time is spent on team building and other fun interactive activities.