What a difference two years has made!

In Sept. 2020, Sion K. installed his brother Airon during our meeting with only five members present. This Sept., we installed eleven members, and we’ve since initiated two more.

In the last two years, we have initiated seven members, and another two joined by affiliation or demit. We have had some hiccups along the way. There are growing pains as we work together and learn new ways of doing things and find new things to do.

Our members are active in our community. We volunteer as a group, helping some of our local Masonic senior citizens with yard work and otherwise as needed. We also go out in our community and help our neighbors on our own.

We continue to run a food drive in the fall for our Day of Comfort observance. We started with one food box and a turkey donated through Heritage Middle School to help those in need. Last year we donated 6 laundry baskets with food along with six turkey dinners.

We try to raise most or all of the money for our trips, fun events, and charitable projects through fund-raisers and donations rather than go to our parents with our hands out. Several of our families have two or more young men in our Chapter and also provide Advisors. With the help and support of our community, we have been able to pay for at least half of each of our adventures through chapter funds.

In Florida, we are invited to two large state-wide events each year and two district-wide events as well. Our Chapter spends approximately $600 per person to attend these events. Through our fundraising efforts, we have managed to charge our families only $225 per person. We are thankful for all we have accomplished with your help; however, even with all our fundraising and donations, there are always children who can not afford to attend these events. That said, we appreciate your continuing generous support through your donations and attendance at our fundraisers.

We are currently running a raffle and are planning for our December 9th Dinner and Bingo. Please consider donating, and also come out to have fun with our members and support our efforts.

For more information about Dec. 9th’s events, please check out our event page at https://dalechapmandemolay.com/events/dinner-bingo-raffles/