Don Needham, a 70-year Senior DeMolay recognized.

Last night 4 of our brothers and 3 of our advisors attended dinner and the public portion of the opening ceremony of New Smyrna Beach Lodge #149 to present a 70-year pin in recognition of Don Needham.

Don Tucker, a 60-year Senior DeMolay, presented Don Needham, a 70-year Senior DeMolay, with his certificate and pin. Active members Airon K, Kayden B, Ryon K, and Jacob M, and John Bidoli, Senior DeMolay and Chairman of our Advisory Board assisted.

We would like to thank the officers and members of New Smyrna Beach Lodge for the privilege of attending the opening of their meeting to make the presentation,. We also thank the sisters of New Smyrna Beach Chapter, OES, for their hospitality and for serving us a delicious dinner.

Afterward, we went to Dairy Queen and enjoyed a frozen beverage before returning home.