Installation of Officers on Sept 29, 2020

We met at Landmark Lodge and shared dinner at 6pm. Our installation was held under new business during our meeting last night.

Sion K served as Installing officer. Airon K. served was Installing Marshall

Master Councilor – Airon King, LoK; Senior Councilor – Andrew Tingler LoK; and Junior Councilor – Zander Tingler LoK, remained in their positions from last term

Sion installed David K. as Senior Deacon and Cole W. as Junior Deacon.

The chapter then voted to hold a dinner before both of their 2 ritual meetings each month. Cole is now the Chairman of the food committee. All expenses to be paid by donations of the membership or chapter.

There will be a lockin this Saturday to Sunday – We will meet at 12:30 and go help Brother Carl Carey with yard work. We will then have water fight to clean up.
Yard work is to be done as a donation to Brother Carey.

We also voted to spend our Almoner’s fund on a Turkey dinner to donate through the schools at Thanksgiving.